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'I was staggered by the cost savings we have made since switching from our previous storage company.  I only wish I had found you sooner.'


Mr Malcolm Law

Managing Director, The Chauffeur Group

(executive car services)





'Many thanks for your help to date.  Having fully utilised all the spare space within our own buildings, it is great to have available a flexible facility where we can store any surplus furniture and the multitude of archive boxes that we seem to have accumulated over time.'


Mr Richard Brown

Proprietor, The Red Lion, Horsell





"I have been delighted by the prompt, helpful and friendly service that I have received since I started using your self storage facility.  I had previously been storing paperwork and furniture in a damp garage, which resulted in many items being damaged.  I now have a safe, dry, well lit  unit at a lower price than I was paying for the damp garage! "


Gareth Fletcher (Private Customer)